The firm offers legal assistance in police investigations and other investigatory procedures, as well as in the judicial phase, from the first instance to the Higher Courts.

Managing partner and technical-legal coordinator Leônidas Ribeiro Scholz act, likewise, in the creation of opinions in the sphere of criminal actions, appeals, habeas corpus, and injunctions.

The expertise of the office covers the following crimes:

Crimes against honour

Crimes against the economic order

Crimes against the public administration

Crimes against the financial system

Environmental crimes

Crimes against the tax order

Bankruptcy crimes

Money laundering

Crimes against consumer relations

Crimes against social security

Unfair competition crimes

Electoral crimes

Crimes against intellectual property

Cyber crimes

(copyright and industrial property right violations)

Attorneys responsible

Leônidas Ribeiro Scholz

Luis Gustavo Previato Kodjaoglanian

Rafael Ferrari Putti

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